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Music WorX 2017

Hamburg is Germany's centre of music with a scene that is diverse, lively and large. At the same time, the focus and conditions of the music industry have changed radically in recent years. Although the sale of physical data carriers, for example, still makes up a significant part of added value, it is now being supplemented by a host of new products and services related to music.

The Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft have taken the opportunity offered by these trends to launch the Music WorX Accelerator.

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The Music WorX Accelerator provides innovative start-ups in the music industry with comprehensive professional support and development prospects for their innovative business models. During the compact, three-month programme, the young companies are financially funded and are working hard and with support from experts to develop their business ideas even further.

The Music WorX Accelerator Participants 

The participants of the accelerator 2017 are: 

Groovecat (Mannheim), Raketerei (Hamburg), Ikonphon (Hamburg) und BlackBoxEfx (Copenhagen) 


Music Works

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