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The app Groovecat enables its users to capture and share their music moments – whenever music and situation fit perfectly together. For this Groovecat automatically connects every picture/video taken in the app with the current song from the streaming service. The music moments can easily be shared with friends or just saved for oneself as a musical photo album.

Groovecat are: 

Markus: 28, virtuouse on the loop pedal, CEO, business administrator and alumni of the Popakademie BW, keeps an eye on finances and has a vast network into the music industry. 

Joshua: 27, part of team net neutrality, CTO, digital media expert and alumni of the Popakademie BW, manages our product and makes sure it's maximum user friendly. 


Jakob: 27, Feel-Good-Officer, CCO, communications scientist and alumni of the Popakademie BW, is in charge of strategic development and keeps an eye on any aspect related to communication such as brand development, storytelling and pitching etc.


#raketerei is female. #raketerei is digital. #raketerei is a music agency with digital female focus. 

The heart of #raketerei is a podcast series which will highlight women working at the Music Industry who shape this Industry. No matter who - musicians, doer and music lovers equally. The #raketerei music mag completes the podcast and discusses those female topics which didn't take place in the podcast.

Raketerei is:  

Imke Machura is the founder of Raketerei, a music agency with digital female focus. Five years ago she startet her career in the Music Industry. Not as a Singer, as a doer.

She manages a music label, she books musicans and does all kind of press relation work.
She loves networking and bringing people together.


Ikonphon. The intuitive b2b-Musiclibrary. 

On a web/app-based platform, directors, editors, producers and art directors may find their ideal music for synchronization with film and media. The selection process wich heads to the music is completely new and intuitive. You do not need to type any music parameters like tempo, style, Vox, Instruments etc. to get your results. A wide selection of icons that refers to the DNA of the particular film sequence guides you to the music proposals that fit.

Ikonphon is: 

Bertram Denzel, filmmusic composer, musician and dj, Berlin resident since 1988. Feel free to visit me @ to get the full picture.

József Reményi, conductor, arranger and composer, based in Hamburg. Studied at Ervin Lukács and György Orbán in Hungary.


Matthias Tode, music supervisor, owner of an agency for film composers, music publisher. Based in Hamburg.


By creating a professional audio interface for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, BlackBoxEfx make the Pi even better and enable creatives and audiophiles to unlock its full potential.

Blackbox is: 

Dave Black - Founder - Civil engineer in Sound and Music Computing - Jazz studies (from Leeds University) Vast experience as a professional working with audio on microcomputers and as an educator. Dave’s innovative and creative visions has given him a vast international artist network, he is the creative motor in the company.


Nikolaj Kynde - Founder - Civil engineer in Sound and Music Computing - Electronic Music (From Hague conservatory) Technical know-how and prototyping expert. Vast experience with using microcomputers for installation art and prototypes.


Tue Sander Sørensen - Founder - Civil engineer in Sound and Music Computing - Danish National Film School Concept developer, content developer for social media and has a vast experience as a musical prof.


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