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Initiated by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and supported by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, Music WorX was first held in 2011. During its first three years, Music WorX was a competition for the best business ideas in the music market in Hamburg. In 2014, Music WorX was further developed into an accelerator format, that provides both financial and comprehensive professional support as well as development prospects to innovative business ideas in compact form.

Music WorX Accelerator 2016 - Foto. S. Sudheime6

Past participants in the Music WorX Accelerator:

NOYS-VR Music (2016)
Flits Music (2016)
Audiodevel (2016)

Soundnotation (2015)
Indigo Engineering (2015)
Crowdmates (2015)

SofaConcerts (2014)
Mehr Lametta (2014)

The Music WorX programme was launched under the name "Music Works" in 2011. To avoid confusion with the Hamburg-based company Musicworks, the event was renamed Music WorX in 2015.


Music Works

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